Mayan Tzolkin and Dreamspell converter for 17.06.2014
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Full Long count: 1 Akbal 16 Zotz
Long count:
Tzolkin date: 1 Akbal
Haab' date: 16 Zotz
Lord of the night G-1
13 baktun / 13 baktun blank katun blank katun
1 tun 1 tun 9 winal 9 winal
3 kin 3 kin 1 Akbal 1 Akbal
16 Zotz 16 Zotz Lord of the night G-1
Tzolkin to Dreamspell:
Blue Magnetic Night, kin 183  +
Solar seal:
White Solar Dog, kin 230   +
9 (Bolonil) Oc
  White cimi  
Yellow Sun tone 9 /White Solar Dog Kin 230 Red Moon
Blue Overtone Monkey
Poem: I Pulse in order to Love
Realizing Loyalty
I seal the Process of Heart
With the Solar tone of Intention
I am guided by the power of Death.
Guide: White Solar World-Bridger (Bolonil Cimi), kin 126
Antipode: Yellow Solar Sun (Bolonil Ahau), kin 100
Analog: Red Solar Moon (Bolonil Muluc), kin 9
Occult: Blue Overtone Monkey (Hoil Chuen), kin 31
Timecell: Blue, Process
Wavespell:White Wind, day 9
Daykeeper question:How do I shine the light for others?
Year: Yellow Galactic Seed (Vaxacil Kan)
Moon day: Crystal Rabbit moon, day 19
Chakra: Throat (Visuddha)
Plasma: Yellow Alpha, release
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Note: If you prefer the astronomical correlation (584285), you have to subtract 2 days from the date you want to convert.